Transportation Services

Transportation Services

Orlando Luxury Limo Transportation services… We want your business—for all group sizes. Thanks to our maintained relationship and partnership with other local area transportation provides our rates stay low year round, providing you with the cheapest rides in town without sacrificing quality. Much to the surprise of our customers, it’s often possible to hire a limousine for a little more than it would cost for a shared shuttle.

Your first thought is probably “why should I hire a limo driver? I’m just going on vacation.” And the answer is “why not?” If you can afford a shared-ride shuttle, there’s a good chance you can afford a limo in Orlando for a small price increase. Limos are fun, comfortable, and surprisingly affordable.

If you’re visiting Orlando or you’re a long-time resident, a limo is a great way to get from point A to point B. They are perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, shuttles to and from the airport, and a great way to impress the family when they come to visit.

Traveling with Children

Limos are even great for children. Our drivers will help load strollers, luggage, and more and some of our limos even have DVD players, and we’re more than happy to load up a Disney movie for the kids on the trip to Disney World or your family vacation to Winter Haven or St. Cloud. So spare the 10-passenger van and spend a little more money on a limo. If traveling with small children, you can even request car seats, preventing you from bringing your own. Renting a limo means you get to focus on your children instead of a check list of car seats and figuring out how to load the luggage and wrangle the little ones. Our limousine drivers will reduce so much stress you’ll finally be able to have a real vacation with children around.

Enjoying A Night Out

Feel free to take full advantage of our many options for transportation. If you find a cheap rate for a basic shuttle bus, feel free to use that to get to the hotel, but splurge a little (and we do mean just a little) and spring for the limo to take your party out to one of the fancy restaurants or venues at the Epcot center. Ride in style with our moon/sunroof in the limo to any destination. Party in style.

Maximum Occupancy of a Limo?

Standard limousines can comfortably fit eight people. We do offer private luxury vans, limousine mini buses, and even Humvee limos for larger parties.

Orlando Luxury Limo TransportationFinding a Transportation Services:

Using our online form you can quickly price check other reputable Orlando limo services and then book your reservation on the same website. Check out all available options and when you book through us you will quickly realize that our services are of the highest quality and our driver will be waiting for you patiently and professionally to transport you from the airport to your party or vacation destinations in comfort and style.

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